Design, Manage and Secure your Information System more simply.

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Multi-cloud and Integration

LinuFy is compatible with existing infrastructures and the majority of Cloud Providers (Scaleway, OVH, Openstack).

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Simplification and Increase productivity

LinuFy centralize and make it easy in a few clicks the deployment and administration of your servers from a simple, intuitive and secure interface.

The solution guarantees a homogeneity of the deployed solutions while verifying several rules and good practices of IT security.

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Trust and Security

Hosted by Scaleway and located in France.

And encrypting sensitive data to allow access only to your teams.

Design your Infrastructure more efficiently

Our solution is part of a hybrid, Cloud and On-Premise Infrastructure context. feature-1 See documentation
Several OS are already available to guarantee your requests. feature-2 See documentation
With the integration of managed services directly into our solution, we provide you with a choice of several applications* that can be deployed in "click to run" mode on your servers.

*Types: web - database - infrastructure - internet - mail - security and others feature-3 See documentation

Manage and control your resources more peacefully

The LinuFy solution uses a very specific organisation methodology to segment and secure the Information System.
See documentation
LinuFy gives the ability to precisely manage permissions at feature group level to add/modify and remove users and regions.

And to ensure more secure access to the solution, two-factor authentication is available via an application such as Authy or Google Authenticator.

This guarantees control over access and identities in your Information System.
See documentation

Ensure the security of your Information System

Audit the security of your servers with the integration of Lynis. This tool will help you in hardening the security of your Information System with a quick scan, offering you different suggestions for improvement and a rating showing the current security status of your server.
Preventing system and software flaws and vulnerabilities is part of the daily life of IT managers. This is why it is so important to keep up to date with 0-day attacks and new security vulnerabilities.

A daily tracking of CVE alerts is visible directly from the main page of the dashboard.

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FAQ Further information

What is your vision?

The solution was born from the observation that administrators and IT specialists spend a large part of their time performing repetitive actions with low added value for your company.

Our solution allows you to increase the value of the tasks performed by the information system teams, by focusing their time on the design and administration of business-oriented Infrastructures.

How does the solution work technically?

The solution is based on two components:

  • the manager (web administration interface)
  • the API

These two components drive Regions present on your Infrastructure, which function as an agent interfaced between our API and your Infrastructure.

You can deploy one or more Regions that can host one or more servers. To guarantee security, all the Regions are isolated from each other.

What does your solution do?

Our solution centralises and simplifies in a few clicks the deployment and administration of your:

  • Servers
  • Services
  • Roles and Users
What are the possibilities with the first server offered?

Your first server has the role of Region.

However, it can be managed like all the other servers in your Infrastructure. There is no limitation of functionalities or services on your first managed server.

Can I still manage my Infrastructure in independatly of your solution?

Yes, our solution is independent. It is always possible to manage your Information System with your other administration tools.

Solution require administrator access to my servers?

Only at the first connection for the deployment of our tools. After deployment, all the actions carried out will be performed without administrator connection to your servers.